Carolyn Marlin


Carolyn Marlin’s passion is educating children and young teens across the state of Utah. Currently, she is serving as an assistant student teacher at The Waterford School in Sandy and teaches skiing to neurodiverse children at the National Ability Center on the weekends.

She spends her summers both working as an overnight counselor at Camp Starfish, a camp for children who have autism and Camp Hobe, a sleepaway camp for kids who have cancer. She has also worked at The Waterford School’s day camp.

She recently completed an internship at the Natural History Museum of Utah, serving as an exhibit explainer. She has also worked for Utah State University at Swaner Nature Center, engaging elementary school children in interesting and fun scientific projects.

Most recently, she was selected to serve on the 2021 board of the Userve Utah Youth Council where she is working to promote meaningful service projects and empower young volunteers throughout Utah.

When she is not teaching you will find her playing fierce soccer, skiing with friends and family, babysitting, playing with her puppies Allie and Charlie, and drinking Starbucks lattes.